Best Website Promotion Tools

Updated: May 22, 2018

Best Website Promotion Tools

The best website promotion tools refer to the marketing methods that Internet marketers can use to promote their websites (through their brands, products and services). Some of these website promotion tools are paid and some are free, but mainly all of them are the promotion channels which let you get the highly targeted results in the shortest span of time.

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The market offers many website promotion tools, which cover the most effective website promotion ways. We can say that there is even a surplus of proposals, which complicates the choice, especially for beginners.

So, the Internet marketers have the choice to use some these paid or free digital marketing techniques. However, they should understand that it requires willpower and some hard work to finally be paid off. Doing business on the Internet requires an ongoing cycle of activities that will let you get a good foothold on the marketplace with a very strong online presence that delivers results.

1. Article Submission

a) Unique Article Wizard

Price: from $4.95/month up to $129.00/month depending on chosen services

Unique Article Wizard, best website promotion tools

The Unique Article Wizard (UAW Pro) is a tool that pretty much automates everything for you that you do manually ranging from content writing to content publishing to social emergence to link building and everything else. It also allows you syndicate articles all over the Web and get backlinks from hundreds of article directories and other platforms, for better search engine rankings, more visitors, more credibility, more sales, and more profit. Probably, the best thing about UAW is that it is full of killer products with top-notch features.

Their writing service includes: original articles for your website or blog; niche specific content based upon your keywords; SEO or higher quality content; writing for content backlink building; submit your content to niche specific relevant blogs and many others.

The service can significantly expand your website promotion ways, providing the social signals for your domain for social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube Videos and Pinterest. You also will get a number of plugins to automate your work with content (technologies include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & API Access rights).

b) Magic Submitter

Price: $4.95 1st month trial, and $67 each month after

Magic Submitter, best website promotion tools

The Magic Submitter gives you the ability to drive thousands of new customers to your website seven days a week. You’ll get your website ranked at the top of Google faster than you normally would. It automatically creates 100’s of accounts for you, verify all your accounts, spin your submissions for 100% original content, submit all your content to over 2000 websites.

So, the Magic Submitter spins and submits your articles, videos, blogs, and press releases to over 2000 websites and gives you 1000’s of backlinks automatically. Plus, you can instantly add 100’s of additional websites. So, whether you’re using videos, articles, blogs, bookmarking, RSS feeds, or even forums to market, the Magic Submitter will do it all for you. Also, the service has a high level of automation and uses the best website promotion tools, that allow automatically perform the following tasks: create 100’s of accounts for you, verify all your accounts, spin your submissions for 100% original content and submit all your content to over 2000 websites.

You never have to worry about services that need updating because each month they provide you with new features, updates, and services to make sure your link building is state of the art.

2. Link Building Services

a) SocialMonkee

Price: $7.00, one payment

SocialMonkee, best website promotion toolsThe SocialMonkee is a proven link building service that already helps thousands of marketers build backlinks to their pages. They have over 100k Members! With SocialMonkee, you can easily build backlinks to your pages, and also boost your existing backlinks, and pass on the link juice to your own pages. Submitting a URL to SocialMonkee takes less than a few minutes, and it only takes a few seconds if you use the Firefox or Chrome Plugin (provided to you at no cost).

Using the system, you can submit 1 URL to 25 websites every day, that’s up to 750 new backlinks every month. They also provide access to Link Reports and Statistics, so you can keep a record of your backlinks and see if they have been indexed in the search engines or not. This is the best way to ensure that none of your links have been omitted by the search engines.

The system lets you spin the title and description of your submissions, so the backlinks you create don’t all look the same. You can either spin them manually (which shouldn’t take you more than 2-3 minutes), or you can spin them using The Best Spinner or SpinRewriter, which are integrated in SocialMonkee.

b) SEO Link Vine

Price: $67.00 per month

SEO Link Vine, best website promotion toolsThe SEO Link Vine is a Brad Callen’s system (Internet marketing software expert) and it is all about increasing your search engine rankings by link building, so that you can get more free traffic to your websites. The program developer has already made the appropriate arrangements with a huge number of websites to accept relevant content from his distribution service. Rather than becoming ‘yet another’ article among millions of others, your content will look like a guest post or blog content. That will add a lot of extra value to your content and make it worth the cost of the software.

The system has two main features: Submitting and Receiving articles.

For Submitting articles – it has an editor very identical to the one you might be familiar with from a WordPress blog, where you can get into and edit your articles. Since the article also will be submitted to blogs and not only article directories, you can include links straight in the body text (and you can even include pictures and video).

As to Receiving articles – you can also include your own websites or blogs in the network and start getting content from other users. Depending on how you make use of it, getting a regular stream of fresh content can be very valuable to your own websites.

The system also provides some other original approaches which allows to attribute it to the best website promotion tools for the marketers.

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