Content SEO Requirements

Content SEO RequirementsPreamble

In the process of creating and filling your business website with content you have to remember about Content SEO Requirements and On-Page SEO importance.

As you probably already know the web pages can’t be created at random, they are created by certain rules, which are called – SEO rules (Search Engine Optimization). Correctly created web pages are well accepted by search engines, and this leads to increase in web page rank (PR) and traffic to website. Read more at  SEO in Practice.

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The set of SEO rules is very big, but it is desirable to know only the main ones. The situation is also greatly simplified by the presence in the market of high-quality SEO tools, which essentially automate On-Page SEO optimization. Fully automation for the On-Page SEO optimization can’t be done due to its nature, but by use of quality SEO tools the process becomes very accessible and easy.

We advise you not to try to perform SEO works for your web pages without the use of good SEO tools – it will be a waste of time. To keep in mind a big set of SEO rules is difficult, especially as they change. In addition, the WrdPress platform allows you by using SEO plugins to do this work very efficiently and easily. Since many of the web pages of your business website are ready, make web pages SEO optimization for them using our recommendations given at Step 5 to get good PR for each web page in Google and other search engines.

So, here we discuss:

  • What is On-Page SEO and its importance?
  • Why you need to perform On-Page SEO for your business website?

1. Making Content SEO

a) What is On-Page SEO?

For today, mainly every Internet user knows what a search engine is and how to use it in order to find the needed information. But only a small part of people understand how it works and on what basis (main mechanism) search engine forms the sequence (lists) of websites on its first pages.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – this is the subject, the knowledge of which allows Internet marketers to get on the first page of search engine results, and get free traffic. So, knowledge of SEO provides a great advantage, since it helps marketers to bring their websites to the top ten search results. For example, getting on the first page of Google search results (of course, without paying for keywords) – can be understood as a very successful use of SEO and serve as the best evidence that your web pages SEO optimization is OK.

All SEO works for the website are divided into On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

  • On-Page SEO works – are those that you perform inside the website, for example, selecting and using keywords for the web page.
  • Off-Page SEO works – are those that you perform outside your website, for example, creating links to your website to get higher PR.

The On-Page SEO importance expressed in the simple fact – it predetermines your website well perceiving not only by search engines, but also by all online communities, since SEO allows build web pages on common rules. If your web pages are not written according to SEO rules, they will have no chance of success. So, in order to have a good chance to get on the first pages of search engines you should at least have perfect On-Page SEO works made and original content.

On-Page SEO is the easiest part of SEO, which is not difficult to solve using quality On-Page SEO Tools to get your web page in Google high.

2. Why to Make On-Page SEO?

content seo requirements, use SEOPressorOne of the main conditions of getting income from your business website is to ensure the greatest possible number of visitors to it.

Of course, search engines are the most important sources of getting traffic for your website, especially Google. Good ranking of a web page in Google can bring a lot of targeted traffic, and if you have successfully chosen the product for sale, you’ll get income also.

You also must remember that search engines mostly provide the targeted traffic and, therefore, it is valuable.

a) Why SEO Accuracy is Important?

The main objective of search engines – is to quickly and qualitatively find the information on the user’s query. In order to perform such work effectively, the web page should be designed according to specific rules, otherwise, the search engines will not be able to handle them and to provide the result to the user.

So, SEO rules are these rules. It must be well understood that if you ignore SEO rules, you’ll automatically exclude your web pages from search engines rankings, and thus, exclude them from getting traffic. You can learn more about On Page SEO importance at SEO Workers.

b) Why to Learn SEO and Adhere to SEO Rules?

Many people do not like to deal with SEO works. They think that it is something very bulky and time-consuming.

In reality it is not so encumbering process, you just have to train yourself to stick to the specific rules at your web pages preparation. After preparation of 8-10 web pages, a lot of things will happen automatically and you’ll not feel uncomfortable.

Of course, On-Page SEO optimization is a very extensive subject, but very often, a good application of SEO basics is quite sufficient to get results. It is very important to understand that the whole process of SEO is divided into two parts: initial preparation of the web page and the subsequent improvement (optimization). Once your web page is published you can watch it and make changes. Gradually, you will achieve its optimization in terms of SEO.

For WordPress websites to perform SEO works is much easier, because you can use the special WP SEO Plugins, which, when creating or editing a web page, suggest what you have to do in terms of SEO. All you have to do is to perform a few web pages, paying attention to suggestions provided by SEO plugin, and you’ll not only make the right work for your web pages, but unconsciously learn the basics of SEO.

Some of the best WP Plugins for SEO are discussed in details in the next section. By use of WP SEO Plugins the understanding of On-Page SEO importance and On-Page SEO optimization works become very affordable.

c) Why to Know SEO Better?

content seo requirementsSEO varied and it is not limited to the On-Page SEO rules only. It is a multilateral and complex discipline and to date it is a formed discipline. It is desirable to explore it more deeply and to apply the knowledge to provide a steady progress of your business websites on the Internet. So, on page SEO optimization is very important, but you should not stop at this point, as the better you know SEO bases and techniques, the more traffic you’ll get.

For a comprehensive study and application of SEO bases and techniques the special programs and services have been developed. These programs are often referred to as Link Building Tools. By use of such programs, you can successfully perform the following tasks:

  • Website audit (view the weekly audit of your website and correct page errors)
  • Optimize your web pages (get first page rankings on Google)
  • Get backlinks (get high-quality backlinks to your website)
  • Find keywords (find the best keywords for your website)
  • Check your rankings (check your web page rankings and more)
  • Check social media (check your listings on social media sites)
  • Analytics (analyze your website visitors, goals, referrers, and more)
  • Submit your website (submit your website to search engines and other sites)
  • Spy on competitors (analyze the backlinks, rankings and ads of your competitors)
  • Report scheduler (Automatically send you SEO reports)

The best tools for On-Page SEO are:

Best Free Keywords Tools:

AdWords Keyword Tool

SEO Book’s Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool


Best Paid Keywords Tools:

Long Tail Pro

Keyword Researcher


KW Finder

These programs are usually paid and the price  may even be quite considerable. But they also can have some free options and free trial option, for example, like  SEOProfiler provides.

If you are limited in funds, then Sheer SEO will be the best choice, as you can start with a price -$7.00/month!

Sheer SEO is one of the best tools to manage your SEO activities.  Read carefully the capabilities of this system, use trial period. Free – for 2 months, single domain, 20 keywords, 5 guarded backlinks, 5 monthly directory submissions.

Please, keep in mind that there is no ideal link building tool, except for what you might be able to build in-house. What is an excellent tool for one person can be comparatively worthless for another person. It depends on what your favorite method of work is, and what you want the tool to do exactly.

So, if you want to come over On-Page SEO importance use only the quality SEO tools to satisfy the Content SEO requirements!

3. When SEO is Not on Big Importance?

SEO may not be so important when you’re only using the Paid Traffic!

Given that you pay for the visits to your web pages, search engines and other advertising websites used, will serve traffic not paying serious attention to the SEO level of your web pages.

This circumstance is principled and can work well in online business if you know (or plan to learn) how and where to profitably buy the paid traffic. Knowing it, many marketers (also  including the most reputable in the market) do not spend their time on SEO and extensively use only the paid traffic methods and resources.

Despite the effectiveness of this approach, we still advise you at least to stick to the main On Page SEO rules, as this will make your web pages more qualitative. Also, some of the free traffic will be beneficial to your business.

4. Conclusion and Notes

So, you need to intelligently approach the issue of content SEO requirements.

To this should be taken into account:

You have to know what is SEO. You must clearly understand what is SEO and why it is important for your online business. You can easily find on the Internet some free SEO tutorials or guides and become familiar with the material.

You should know about the existence of complex SEO programs (SEO tools). You should get a clear understanding that the best way to deal with the variety of SEO tasks is to use –  SEO Tools. There are a lot of such tools in the market. Typically, the marketers have at their disposal a tool for On-Page SEO and a tool for Off-Page SEO (link building tool). Taking into account that the choice of SEO tools is too big, and testing tools can take a lot of time and money, we advise you to pay attention to SEOPressor or Yoast SEO premium – for on page SEO works, and SHEER SEO or SEOProfiler – for Off- Page SEO works (link building and SEO activities account).

Be Informed on Main SEO News. Google sometimes changes its algorithms, which reflects on SEO application! In order to avoid an unpleasant situation for your websites, it is advisable to be informed of Main SEO News. It’s not difficult to do, just sometimes you have to look at some sites, such as the Submitinme.

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