Email Marketing List Building Strategies

Updated: March 2, 2021

Email Marketing List Building StrategiesPreamble

There are certain email marketing list building strategies, by use of which the Internet marketers create their email lists and make money online.

As the list building activities to a large extent are connected to the need to drive traffic to squeeze pages, the most methods are traditional. For example, you may use Article Marketing, Forums and Blogs Comments, Press Releases, PPC, CPA, PPV, etc. It is a well-known set.

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But in addition to these methods, there are several specific techniques that are original and give good results at using them as email list building strategies.

Some of these methods are so that are used mainly for the list building needs, for example, Ad Swaps strategy. Knowledge of these strategies is a must, because that is what allows you to have a big list of real buyers, rather than those who did not even open your letters.  In this section we have focused on such strategies to help you better learn and use them.

So, here we discuss:

  • Specific Features of Email List Building
  • Using Specific Email List Building Strategies
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Specific Features of Email List Building

a) Importance of Quality Content

It is well-known that for email list building you need to submit targeted traffic to your squeeze pages by any means. So, you can use any traditional approaches, methods and techniques to achieve this goal.

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But, basically, everything for email list building may begin with your website content. People will find your website because of you provide awesome content. They will continue to keep coming back for remarkable content, which will be the base of what you email to them, which will be the motive they stay subscribed or not subscribed. So, for many marketers, the use of email marketing list building strategies begins with the wonderful content creation.

Once you have good content, the next step is to ask for emails from your visitors. People who really like your content will be ready to receive that content as frequently as you can create it, delivered directly to their inbox. It’s up to you to make sure they find your call-to-action, make it obvious and very clear.

But if you are experiencing a shortage of ontent you can use the Monthly-Content membership services.

b) Importance of Quality Autoresponer Used

Your email list building activities may not be effective if you use the low quality autoresponder. In addition, your current and future subscribers can pay attention to what autoresponder you are using. Using a reputable provider adds the chance of getting and retaining subscribers.

c) Importance of Quality Emails

The quality and schedule of email messages is also important to achieve a high level of letters open rate. Your subscribers should easily recognize and anticipate your emails.

2. Using Specific Email List Building Strategies

In addition to the factor of the impact strength of content and other usual approaches to attract visitors, however, in email list building practice eventually worked out some specific strategies, inherent to this type of activity. These email list building strategies, when used correctly, are very effective and allow you to quickly create a responsive email list. Please explore the main ones.

a) Using Ad Swaps

Ad Swap – is ads exchange with another marketer who has email list in the same market niche. It works very simply. As agreed with partner, you show his squeeze page a number of times to the members of your list and he, correspondingly, shows your squeeze page to his list members. Regardless of its simplicity, this strategy is very effective and it is free of charge.

Normally, people exchange ads based on their email list size. For example, if you have an email list of 800 people you can offer exchange to the people who have the email list up to 1000-1200 members. The partnership is also managed by number of ads to display.

For effective search for partner you can also use Safe-Swaps, this is a great place.

Also, to find partners for ads swap it’s easy. For example, you can register at WARRIOR forum. After registration type in the search box ‘Ads Swap’ and click enter. You’ll find yourself in the right place and you’ll see a list of proposals for ads swaps. Select a few options which correspond to the theme of your business and to the list size and write the letter asking them for a swap.You can also post your offer and people will make partner proposals to you.

b) Using Solo Ads

This strategy for email list building suggests promote your ads (squeeze pages) in magazines, more exactly, in ezines. An ezine – is an electronic magazine. On Internet you can easily find a big number of ezines, where the information is located into categories like art, business, health, sport, etc.

Use the UDIMI to place your Solo Ads (it is constantly updated).

Advertising in such ezines is quite costly, but many marketers consider it as very powerful. Therefore, before using this strategy for email list building you should make some simple economical calculations based on prices that a specific ezine offers for their services (for placing solo ad straight on ezine, or for emailing solo ad to their members) and based on a number and category of persons the ad will be displayed.

So, there are 3 types of ads for ezine ads:

  • Ezine Solo Ad – it is the ad placed on ezine, or sent out as a separate stand alone type of mailing to the ezine members.
  • Top Sponsor Ad – it is the ad placed at the top of the ezine.
  • Ezine Classified Ads – it is a short and relatively cheap ad located almost anywhere (but not at the top of ezine, also, within the online or email newsletters).

c) Using Safelists

Safelists – are promoting websites that email ads to their members, and also let members to surf ads directly from their website panel. For surfing ads the registered members get credits. Credits can be used to pay for ads display. Also you can pay for advertising services if you like or don’t have time to surf ads to earn credits.

We recommend you to use these sites:

List Joe

List Jumper

Viral Ad Store


The List Auction

Viral Nugget

Also, you can choose some more, for example, at Top Safelists.

d) Buying Leads

Most Internet marketers do not advise buying subscribers (or use someone else’s email lists). However, this is not a dogma and depends on the place, conditions and ways you by subscribers. For example, co-registration is a way of receiving targeted subscribers and leads for your newsletter from a third party services. Your leads are obtained by offering something in exchange for the client’s email address.

It normally consists of getting your subscription offer listed together with other subscription offers. When a person signs-up for one more newsletter, they are offered to sign-up for your newsletter as well (without having to re-enter their information once more).

This is one of the easiest email list building strategies which provides a quality list and takes very little effort from you. The leads are extremely targeted and you only pay when someone joins your list and sees your offer.

We recommend you use GetResponse, which sells pre-qualified leads. This is a very famous website with a good reputation. It is the reliable seller of the pre-qualified leads. You pay only for the client who actually signed-up to your list. The price is quite reasonable and is within $0.35-$0.40 for the subscriber. You can visit their website and learn more about how to build an email list by buying subscribers.

3. Conclusion and Notes

Mainly all email marketing list building strategies serve to support the sign-up process, needed to get people to subscribe.  Getting subscriptions includes two main factors: get plenty of traffic to your sign up form (squeeze page) and get as many individuals who see your sign up form to take action and sign up.

What should you keep in mind when strengthening the email list building strategies:

In your opinion, one of the most effective strategies for email list building strategies is – Ad Swaps, as making ads exchange with another marketer (who has an email list in the same market niche), you more likely may get the right quality subscribers. If you are just starting to build your list, we recommend you actively use this strategy.

Remember, the proper preparation of a gift is one of the most important point of the knowledge on how to build an email list. Always offer an awesome free gift to subscribers. Many marketers offer PLR reports, eBooks or eCourses. In our opinion the eCourse tends to have a higher perceived value than an eBook since this gets people into the habit of opening your emails. Also, if you transform your eBook or eCourse into a format that works with Kindle eBook readers this will allow you to offer an extra attraction to the millions of people who own these devices.

Regardless of the strategy used, optimize your emails for mobile viewing. Include responsive design into your email content to allow for proper viewing as near 60% of emails are now opened on mobile devices. Moreover, up to 80% of consumers will delete emails that don’t render properly when they open them, and 18% percent will actually unsubscribe!

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