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Upgated: June 8, 2018

Solo Ads AdvertisingPreamble

The solo ads advertising is a perfect approach to get traffic to the business website, especially for opt-in email marketing, which can help you build a huge and a responsible email list and get stable profits from it (regardless of the constantly changing algorithms of search engines).

What is Solo Ads Advertising?

A Solo Ad is an email message that you ask an existing list owner to mail to their list for you (containing your email, ad copy and linking to your website). Also, you pay a small fee to the list owner to send the email to his list. The target of a solo ads advertising – is either to sell products or services, or, as a smarter option, to collect names and email addresses to add to your own email list and making sales on an ongoing schedule.

In average the Internet marketers pay up to $0.30 – $ 0.40 per click, so it is very crucial the provider has a good email list send your solo ad to. As it is not on a low cost to do this, the minimum for a test is to buy 200 clicks and see how it converts. Many solo ad sellers have good conversion and you can negotiate the price!

To build email list this way you need a monthly budget, you need to test your ads and you need to monitor what results you get.

So, here we discuss:

  • How to Create a Solo Ad?
  • Where to Place Solo Ads?
  • Where to Start Your Solo Ads Running?
  • How to Improve Your Solo Ad Techniques?
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. How to Create a Solo Ad?

First, you need:

  1. Domain and Hosting Service
  2. Autoresponer
  3. Squeeze Pages
  4. Content of Squeeze Pages
  5. Giveaways
  6. Email Message Text (Letter to subscribers)
  7. Funds to Cover the Costs

a) Domain and Hosting Service

Even if you do not plan to create a big website, you need it to serve several squeeze pages to have the possibility to collect people’s email address and also, to allow subscribers to download Giveaways and other material.

b) Autoresponer

You need it as a tool for subscribers registration, which you will receive as a result of your solo ad displayed on partners’ email lists. And, of course, it is the main tool, without which it is impossible to implement email marketing.

c) Squeeze Pages

You should have 2-3 squeeze pages of high quality and attractive one, since people pay attention to it. In addition, the quality of the squeeze pages can be of value to the solo ad provider, because the provider may not want to show the poor quality to his subscribers.

d) Content of Squeeze Pages

The content of squeeze pages must not be of a big size (just a few phrases, that can arouse peoples’ interest), but it must be very attractive.

e) Giveaways

You need the giveaways to warm up the potential subscribers and push them to the decision to subscribe to your email list. Many people are pleased to receive gifts, especially if gifts cover some of their interests.

As a gift, it’s better to have your own product, for example, a PDF Report on your business topic. But if you do not have own product (s), you can buy for $5 – $10 a good quality product on your topic with a right of its distribution.

f) Email Message Text

This is the text of your email letter (massage), which your solo ad partner will mail to his subscribers to provide you sign-ups. In this text, you also specify the link to your squeeze page!

Usually email letters consist of several paragraphs and can be edited by partners to achieve the best result.

g) Funds to Cover the Costs

Each provider has his price for solo ads, and the price will be indicated in his letter to you. The price depends on the provider’s email list quality and it can be delicately discussed from your side. The owners of big and dynamic email lists give discounts to their regular customers.

After you have prepared all these simple things, you can proceed to the selection of a solo ad partners.

2. Where to Place Solo Ads?

On the Internet there are very many websites for solo ads placing. The key question is how to choose the proper places for your market niche solo ads advertising.

If you have such question, then we advise you to start with places that cover very many niches:

  • (a) Ezine Directories
  • (b) Internrt Marketing Forums
  • (c) Ad Swaps and Solo Ads Services
  • (d) Network Websites

a) Ezine Directories

Ezine Directories offer the greatest opportunities for quality solo ads advertising. This is determined by the fact that there are many of them, they cover a lot of niches and can provide potential subscribers. Moreover, they allow carry out solo ad advertising by business category and other important characteristics.

One of the problems of using ezines for solo ads running is that there are too many of them and the choice is difficult. For this reason, many marketers are using Directory of Ezines, the service that organizes the information and helps you choose the best ezines for you.

b) Internrt Marketing Forums

Forums are also a rich place for solo ads, for example, Warrior Forum. On the forums you can easily find partners and negotiate the price for mailing you solo ads. This is often cheaper than elsewhere.

c) Ad Swaps and Solo Ads Services

Ad Swaps websites also offer good conditions for solo ads placing (despite the fact that it is largely focused on Ad Swaps). The Safe-Swaps – is especially good for solo ads, as you can quickly find partners with a very high quality email lists and reasonable price for mailing your solo ads.

d) Network Websites

Using Network Websites is another opportunity to expand your solo ads distribution at a good price. Typically, these networks bring together a large number of websites which have good and targeted traffic, and this creates conditions for getting potential subscribers from solo ads running. For example, we advise you to test Solo Ad Advertising.

3. Where to Start Your Solo Ads Running?

When you are purchasing a solo ads advertising you must think about the vendor, offering the solo. You need to feel – if the vendor is simply out to make a few bucks or the vendor is in a real business.

The serious solo ad providers generally have fresh email leads being sent to their sales funnels day-to-day (some of them even get 3,000 – 5,000 every single day). So they have fresh, responsive email leads and when you come across a good solo ad seller, you can buy from them every month at a significant price reduction without having to get worried about fakes.

Also, a good sign of a qualified solo ad service provider is in the follow-up. The top vendors will mail you a screenshot when your solo ad is complete showing (you’ll see the statistics). So, pay attention after your solo ad has been sent and see how they take care of you.

If you’re wondering from what places to start your solo ads advertising campaigns, we urge you to check out the list below.

Recommended Solo Ad Databases List:

If you are a beginner, then in our view, it is better to start with the Safe-Swaps, as they are very good for Solo Ads and Ads Swaps. They have a free and paid option and you can start even having a very small email list!

Make sure to test a small, say 200 clicks is a good start. Then, once you are getting conversions slowly increase your volume. When you find a good one buyer, from them every month for a discount.

Also, we also recommend you the following solo ads advertising  services you can trust:

20DollarSoloAds Get 2000+ Clicks – Sales Guaranteed!
HercuList Highly converting traffic
ReferralFrenzy Highly converting traffic
SoloAdJunky Get 2000+ Clicks – 700+ Leads – Sales Guaranteed!
BlastMyAds Highly converting traffic
State-of-the-Art-Mailer Highly converting traffic
EuropeanSafeList Highly converting traffic
GOTsafeList Highly converting traffic
Pangea Mailer Highly converting traffic
1PROFITRING MAILER Highly converting traffic

4. How to Improve Your Solo Ad Techniques?

As in many cases of online marketing, for better solo ads advertising you can use training programs that will allow you to successfully take over someone else’s experience and use it. Unfortunately, the number of training programs on solo ad advertising subject is not big. Nevertheless, there are those which are of acceptable quality. The Solo Ad Success Formula and Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads – are good programs.

Solo Ad Success Formula

Solo Ad Success FormulaThe Solo Ad Success Formula takes you step by step on how to create a profitable sales funnel. So, you can begin making your return on investment to begin increasing your list to new heights.

If you having difficulties and pulling your hair because you keep losing your hard earned money trying to solve the solo ad success mystery – this blueprint will guide you properly and help you.

So, solo ads can be profitable, if you have the perfect blueprint before you even buy a solo ad.

Particularly, you’ll learn:

  • How to find trusted vendors who will send you confirmed, targeted email traffic
  • The secrets and techniques to getting your squeeze page to convert on 50% like clockwork
  • The 5 issues you must request in order to make the deal you want and not get burnt off
  • How to move your subscribers into customers
  • How to develop a simple marketing funnel that converts well
  • How to create an email copy developed exclusively for high click-through rates with solo ad traffic
  • How to create a follow up sequence that attracts income, time and time again
  • You’ll get the time-tested and proven tweaks that will greatly boost your conversions and get extra cash
  • You’ll have the right solo ad packages when first starting up
  • You’ll get the idea of the best times and frequency to email your new leads
  • You’’ know where to find 1000’s of high quality leads
  • You’ll get the real technique for converting subscribers into buyers

In this program, you’ll also find a lot of very useful practical advice on the solo ads advertising subject.

USA Largest Solo Ad Mailer

USA largest Solo Ad Mailer
The USA Largest Solo Ad Mailer was created by Adrian Jock and it is surprisingly abundant information products covering all major aspects of solo ads advertising: starting with what is a Solo Ad and finishing with where and how to run solo ads campaigns.

The product is a bestseller and Adrian is an experienced and respected expert in this matter (he is also the editor of the “Internet Marketing Tips & News” and “Ezine Advertising Info” newsletters).

In our case, there is no need to list in detail all the issues addressed in the program, as they are compact listed on the first page of the original website.

5. Conclusion and Notes

Right now solo ads are really popular and for good reason. Solo ads are confirmed to generate highly targeted traffic to practically any kind of offers or websites. This makes it possible for many marketers to drive big amounts of targeted traffic to various types of products and services, and test business offers truly quickly.

If you want to use solo ads it is important to know well – Where to show them to get higher conversion? This means that you need to very carefully choose partners in your niche!

Here are some of our important notes on solo ads advertising:

Buy solo ads from a reputable source. There are plenty of good, reliable sources in the market, but there are also people selling solo ads and having a very poor quality list. What you should keep in mind is that good solo ads are not cheap.

Beware of ridiculously priced solo ad offers. If a solo ad offer is very cheap, it is most likely that it is full of dead or fake email addresses, and if you buy from them you will be throwing your money away.

Make a professional Ad Swipe. The swipe copy is the email you send to the solo ad vendor to send to his list. It should be short and to the point, and be very emphatic. Do everything to make people read your email to the end.

Make sure you take the time to write a good call-to-action, as it’s one of the most important aspect of opt in email marketing. You should consider directing visitors to a squeeze page and offer them something in exchange of their email address.

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