Using Best Ads Posting Tools

Updated: May 28, 2018

Using Best Ads Posting ToolsPreamble

Using best ads posting tools is one of the most important issues in solving the problem of monetization of your business website and it should be given maximum attention. Why is this so important? Because, to perform manually the works on ads selection and their placement on the website can be very costly in time and effort. This is particularly important when you use several marketplaces for the selection of the advertising material at the same time (for example, Amazon, ClickBank, JVZoo, etc.).

Clickbank Ads

Also, the daily preparation of the original content for the new posts (in this case we are referring to text) – is the next hard work and in big volumes. Without automation these works are very difficult to handle.

Given that your website is created on WordPress platform you have a great opportunity to deal effectively with the problem of ads automated posting, as there are a lot of free and paid widgets and plugins for placing ads on web pages. Also enjoyable is the fact that ads posting WordPress plugins are designed for the virtually of  all well-known marketplaces and you can easily find them and select the best for your needs related to ads posting.

The choice of ads posting plugins with the best level of automation depends on what marketplaces and other sources you work, as the best plugins designed for the most popular sources: Amazon, eBay, ClickBank and  YouTube. If you are using to monetize your website less known sources, then search on the Internet for plugins and widgets developed specifically for this resource. For example, if you use JVZoo marketplace you can easy find the specialized plugins like EDD JVZoo, JVZoo Ad Manager.

So, here we discuss:

  • What is Ads Automated Posting?
  • How to Perform Ads Automated Posting?
  • What are the Best Ads Automated Posting Tools?
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. What is Ads Automateic Posting?

This is the use of special tools which automatically select the ads from the marketplace (s) on given criteria and place them on the website pages in a specific order.

The better and more powerful tool you use, the higher the possibility of automation is. For example, a quality tool will allow you to automatically choose the products from the marketplace taking into account many important characteristics, for example, such as keywords, product cost, sales figures (Gravity, Avg $/sale, Initial $/sale, etc.) and many other. It also will allow you to flexible update ads on your web pages, for example, once a day or a week, and so on.

The use of such tools for your business website may be considered as a necessary condition, since the offers in your market niche can change very quickly (even if your market niche is narrow) and you may not have time to keep track on interesting and profitable new products. Even if you know well how to find ads manually and how to post ads on website a powerful tool will make it qualitatively and regularly and you’ll have more time for other important works.

2. How to Perform Ads Automatic Posting?

Let us assume that at this point you have created your business website on WP platform. If so, now you should be clearly defined with 2 questions:

  • What specific marketplaces you’ll be using to search for products to advertise them on your website? For example, Amazon?,  eBay?,  ClickBank?,  JVZoo?,  and so on.
  • What WP Plugins and Widgets to use for ads automated posting considering the selected marketplaces.

As to the marketplaces – take this decision slowly and deliberately, as this will determine your income. If you’re just starting your online business, we recommend that you use: Amazon – for a wide selection of products and ClickBank – for digital products. Moreover, that for these marketplaces there is a very good choice of WP Plugins and Widgets for ads automated posting. To choose marketplaces you can use our List of Marketplaces.

You may have a question – How many marketplaces to use?

Of course this is not a question of quantity, but of quality. As your main task regarding advertising is to cover more fully the demand for interesting products in your market niche, you should use the main marketplaces where these products are. Start with 1-2 marketplaces and gradually you will form your list. The sales analysis will show you with what marketplaces it is better to work for your market niche.

As to WP Plugins for ads automated posting – buy the most powerful and reliable.  Some of them we present on this page. And what is important, buying a plugin, try to learn it very well, as this will predetermine the efficiency of its use. Serious plugins, as a rule, have a great set of options and only a good knowledge of the options can allow you to use the full potential of a tool. And one thing more, almost all marketplaces have their own WP Widget and provide it for free. You can use them on your website sidebars to increase sales.

3. What are the Best Ads Automated Posting Tools?

Probably, you ask yourself the question – Are there any tools for ads automated posting from many sources?

It is a very reasonable question, as it would be good to have access to many ads sources from one place and to manage ads posting also from one place.

So, let’s look at this question from two perspectives:

  • Tools for ads automated posting from many sources.
  • Tools for ads automated posting from one source.

a) Best Tool for Ads Automated Posting From Many Sources

using best ads posting toolsThe WP Robot is most powerful WP plugin for ads automatic posting from many sources (this can be easily verified by making a small analysis of the Internet).

It can automatically post: Amazon products, eBay auctions, ClickBank ads, Commission Junction ads, YouTube videos and more. This plugin can also automatically create targeted content (posts) for your website using more than 20 types of sources.

This is really a unique tool for automation. Even if you are somewhat skeptical to the content created by the machine you can use the preview option and make the required corrections before content posting. WP Robot is limitless when it arrives to the niche posts that can be performed, fresh new content can be created on any topic. In addition, content can be produced for any keywords and phrases that are chosen (Basic participants can have up to 20 keywords, when Elite participants can have up to 50, each keyword can have various category). Tags will also be developed for each post. Tags are one of the most significant things when it occurs to getting your website (or blog) seen.

So, the plugin allows you to schedule posts and can generate a big number of full size articles. In any case, the use of this plugin significantly reduces the amount of work for your website and provides fresh content (including ads) regularly and on a given schedule.

Price: $129.00, one payment. The plugin is provided immediately after payment and it comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. There is totally free support offered to all participants and free updates are provided. There is also an affiliate application (35% commission for each sale).

b) Best Tools for Ads Automated Posting From Specific Marketplaces

WP Plugins for Amazon

Easy Azon, using best ads posting toolsThe Easy Azon is an excellent tool to integrate your Amazon affiliate links directly into your web pages in an automated style. In comparison to other Amazon WP plugins that are offered on the market today, EasyAzon is extremely easy to use and easy to understand.

There are some configurations that need to be tuned only for the first time and you’ll never have to feel it once again. Based upon on your visitor’s analytics, and also the products you’re promoting, this might recover a good amount of product sales for you right off the ground. If you plan to use Amazon ads on your business website the WP Easy Azon plagin will be a very good solution.

There are some configurations that need to be tuned only for the first time and you’ll never have to feel it once again. Based upon on your visitor’s analytics, and also the products you’re promoting, this might recover a good amount of product sales for you right off the ground. If you plan to use Amazon ads on your business website the WP Easy Azon plagin will be a very good solution.

WP Plugins for ClickBank

first pictureThe ClickBank Ad Rotator is a WP plugin from the same creators of the popular ClickBank Marketplace Analytical and CBengine. This plugin permits you to transfer the whole ClickBank (CB) marketplace into your WP website in a few moments, and then personalize it and simply choose the CB items you want shown. It has many functions. You can transfer CB items and do marketplace improvements using it at any time you wish with just a press of the button.

This plugin permits you to customize CB product titles and descriptions to improve rates. It also has the effective product filter attribute, which enables you simply and rapidly filter items by commission, gravity, recurring and rank, and then organize and upgrade them to display only the selected products on your website. You can also monitor which products in your CB marketplace are obtaining clicked and modify theme utilizing the built-in style-sheet editor.

You can also read about: ClickBank Sales Manager

4. Conclusion and Notes

So, you need to know well what is ads automated posting. In this case, you should consider three alternatives: or to use WP Plugins and Widgets for ads automated posting, or to use Ad-Share Programs (for example, AdSense), or to have a combination of first two approaches.

Also you need to make a decision on the tools used for ads automated posting. You already know that there is a good choice of WP Plugins and Widgets for automated ads placing on a website. They are both free and paid. We remind you that many marketplaces offer their free WP Plugins and Widgets for ads placing.

Some more important points:

You need to experiment with different monetization approaches to achieve results. But if you decide to use AdSense, then you should study the rules carefully, as this service is very capricious, and it can be disabled at any time without any special explanation (or by providing very general remarks).

Taking into account that the website monetization process can be very time-consuming, you should use the best tools to automate chosen monetization strategies. If you use the affiliate marketing for website monetization, then the tools should be selected based on their orientation to a specific marketplace.


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