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Updated: March 15, 2021

1. What is Video Chief Agency?

Traffic Titan, how to get traffic to your websiteThe Video Chief Agency is a brand new membership website which has just opened up and it allows you to instantly access over 150+ pre-made videos in over a dozen of the hottest niches that you can sell for $500+ or more!

But, they’re going the extra mile because you’ll also be able to access:  over 150 script templates in case you want to record your own voiceovers; over 150 d4y voiceovers in case you want to use your own visuals and  over 50 course templates that you can use as upsells or to build your list. In total there’s over 600+ ready made template that you can download in just one click.

The Video Chief is one of the Largest Libraries of Video Marketing Resources that you’ll Ever Get Your Hands On!

In fact, using Video Chief Agency is as simple as following 4 simple steps:

  1. Login into to their web-based vault
  2. Choose the niche you want to focus on
  3. Download a ready-made video of your choosing
  4. Flip that video and collect your $500-$1,000 check.

2. What You’ll Find out Inside?

You’ll find out inside the Traffic Tinan program the following:

  • Over 150 Done-For-You Videos. You’ll be getting instant access to over 150 ready-made-video spread across more than a dozen of the hottest niches that you can download in ONE-CLICK and sell for over $500-$1000. Or rank them and generate massive leads or affiliate commissions in these niches.
  • Over 150 Script Templates. You’ll also be getting access to all the scripts that we used for our videos. This will allow you to customize and create your own videos without spending the time and money to hire a video script copywriter
  • Over 150 Voice Over Templates. Want to use our voice over voices but want to tweak the visuals? Download the voiceovers in just one click and customize your visuals however you’d like!
  • Over 50 Course Training Templates. Want to get into the digital products arena but don’t have the content? Use one of our done-for-you courses and either sell them as upsells to your clients or use them to build your list!
  • HD Video Ready. Every single video and audio track is ready to be exported in full HD format. This means export in 1080 HD quality. We do not play around with the quality we shoot in. These were all created with the best cameras and microphones in a professional studio.
  • Full Editable Options. You can customize each template as much or as little as you’d like. Either way you can rest assured you’ll be making some amazing videos. Use our full videos as-is or customize them with the script and voice over templates.
  • Fast and Friendly Customer Support. If you still run into any issues at all, we’ll be hearing to clear up any problems you may face inside of our dashboard. We’re here to help you succeed.

So, we hope you can see just how valuable having all of this work done for you is. And, normally, you’ll be able to secure access to our entire library for just a one-time fee. Also, the key opportunities of the Video Chief Agency are very large and can help you drive more traffic to your website.

3. The Primary User Benefits

The main benefits you get from the Video Chief Agency program are:

  • You’ll get a Step-By-Step Video Training and an in-depth look at this simple method of making money online. They’ll show you exactly what the method is all about and how to get the best results as quickly as possible. In general, you’ll get the A-Z course to $100 per day with 100% free website traffic.
  • You’ll get 2 Over The Shoulder Case Studies. They don’t just tell you how to do this, they show you all in the details. The over the shoulder case study takes you by the hand, so you can follow along and copy and paste your way to the big and free website traffic without the need for complicated technical skills, product creation, etc, so how to drive traffic to your website will not be a problem for you.
  • You’ll get 4 Cheat Sheets, which will make the whole process much easier and will save you a ton of your precious time!

4. Conclusion

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The Video Chief Agency using requires zero video marketing experience. as the developers have taken all the guesswork out of creating videos that sell by doing it for you.

You don’t have to worry about creating any videos if you don’t want to. No need for you to learn any complicated video creation software, voice over software, microphones or any of that stuff. They have invested over $35k to put together this massive library.

They have done all the research for you by creating videos in the hottest niches that are proven to produce the big number of checks!

Plus, you can get access to it for a small, one-time payment. In total, there are over 600 of these different templates that you’ll be getting access to. So, we strongly recommend you to use the Video Chief Agencyas it is a proven approach on how to get traffic to your website.

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